Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic is a powerful force.

It’s the voice of self-doubt.

If you don’t tell it to get lost

your inner critic will try to undermine you.

Crush your spirit.

Make you question yourself.

Diminish your self-esteem.

More than likely you inner critic

has been keeping you company for a long time.

It needs to be silenced.

And you need to part ways.

Let it go…

*question the negative thoughts of the inner critic
*practice self compassion
*develop awareness of your thoughts
*replace overly critical thoughts with accurate statements
*be patient and kind to yourself as you would a friend
*practice mindfulness meditation

Be aware of all the wonderful qualities that make up “you”

And let that be the loudest voice in your head.

“Try regarding your inner critic as something that lacks credibility – imagine it as a ridiculous character, like a silly cartoon villain.”
~ Rick Hanson, PhD ~

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