Best Friends

Sometimes , our best friends are not people.

If you’re a crazy dog lover like me, you get it.  Unfortunately, I live in an apartment in NYC and I’m not allowed dogs but that doesn’t stop me from loving up every dog I encounter in my neighborhood.  And if you’re a cat owner, perhaps your best friend is your cat.  As an animal lover, I don’t find this unusual at all.  And I imagine there are millions that would agree that would consider their pet their best friend.  Who else loves you unconditionally?  Who else runs around in circles or purrs whenever you come home?  As long as you feed them and give them some attention, they love you and are loyal to the end.

If you’re a cat or dog owner, more than likely, you don’t regard your cat or dog as your pet.  They’re family.  Speaking of family…

Meet Tucker – this beautiful, sweet blonde labrador who lives with my sister and brother-in-law in New Hampshire.  It wasn’t always a “Dog’s Life” for Tucker, at least not until my sister adopted him.  From the moment she saw Tucker, she was determined to give him a better life – filled with love, play, lots of exercise, good food, lots of attention and a place to put his head down at night feeling loved and safe.  I don’t think people are the only sentient beings who need to feel love and safety.  It’s an assumption to think that animals don’t have a soul.

And now? One only has to see the love Tucker and my sister they have for each other.  It’s beautiful to watch the devotion my sister and Tucker have for each other.  As busy as her life is, she’s never too busy for her best friend.  She says they’re soulmates.  Crazy? Who cares – they give each other so much joy.

Tucker has been the best teacher for my sister. He reminds her of the importance of promises, being present, having fun in life, living in the NOW, and loving unconditionally. And he loves affection, even when he just wants to sleep.  Somehow, he knows that it makes you happy to love him.  He’s patient and sweet to his core.

Never underestimate where you’ll find your best friend and how much they can alter your life – even if they don’t speak a word.  Love shows up in many ways, and often in the most unimaginable.

Tucker has changed our lives forever – and for the better.

We love you Tuck  xoxo

I hope YOU have a Tucker in your life.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~ Anatole France ~

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