The Big No-No At Networking Events

Many of us know how important networking can be particularly if you’re in career transition, job search or want to develop new business relationships.  There are so many ways today we can connect on a professional level with others since social media has become all the rage but networking remains one of the best ways to meet other professionals who just might be in a position to help you and vice versa.  Meeting others face to face can be the most effective way to leave a lasting impression (I’m referring to a good lasting impression).  This was not my experience the other night when I went to a professional networking event.

I attended an event in a club where there were about 50 people scattered around in groups talking to one another while sipping their drinks – very social and “network friendly”, right?  What surprised me was the number of people who were by themselves talking/texting on their smartphones.  Is this a new form of networking I’m not familiar with?  Maybe they were talking to someone across the room but were too shy or lazy to meet face to face?  Have you experienced this at professional networking events and did you have the same response as me?  Do you find this a professional “no-no” and a turnoff?

How can we expect someone to want to engage with us if we appear disengaged?  What kind of message are we sending out?  Networking can be challenging and uncomfortable but it gets easier with practice particularly IF YOU TALK TO PEOPLE AND PUT AWAY THE DISTRACTIONS!!!!

People are more likely to want to connect with you if your lasting impression was a positive one….

Many believe effective networking is done face-to-face, building a rapport with someone by looking at them in the eye, leading to a solid connection and foundational trust.,”
~ Raymond Arroyo

“Good Night, And Good Luck”

Laura Rivchun

PS – If you need some tips on how to become a better networker, please email me at and I can give you some pointers.

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