Testimonials – Coaching with Terry Yoffe

Terry has helped clients in many tangible ways. Here is what some of her clients say about her coaching services:

Ann, Managing Director, Munich, Germany
“Living as an Irish person in Germany, brings many daily cross cultural challenges both work and in play. Terry skillfully coached me to ‘re-connect my mind, heart and belly’ by guiding me to identify and trust my talents. This helped me regain my own visions and boundaries and helped me to communicate better, execute consequent choices and build better relationships.”

Christa, Global Marketing Manager, New York, NY
“Terry has an unbelievable gift. When beginning my journey with her, I was looking for a tool kit to get me to the next step in my career. Instead what I received was a lifelong resource and guide for success. During my time in working with Terry, I felt myself transform and the results have been incredible. Not only have I attained great measured success in my career, but incredible happiness, as well. I consider Terry to be a trusted advisor and would recommend her to anyone. ”

Donna, Public Relations Executive, New York, NY
“Working with Terry is an experience I will always value. In an efficient, intuitive, and skillful way her coaching gave me the impetus to make changes in my life that were vital and important. Moving beyond my comfort zone personally and professionally no longer seems like a challenge, but an opportunity to have a rich full experience that I deserve. For the first time I am creating my life as I envision it.”

Vivian, Executive Coach, New York, NY
“Terry is a highly experienced and competent coach. Clearly one of the best in her field, she matches genuine empathy with a unique intuition and ability to recognize the key issues holding people back from being their best. Her style is kind and warm, yet pragmatic in sharing accountability with her clients. She brings an international understanding to her coaching work, with clients across the world. This openness and flair for getting the most out of people irrespective of their background, culture or situation has earned my respect and added real value to my personal development.

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