Every individual is unique with a different set of skills and experience.  I will help you identify what attributes make you unique so you can stand apart from other candidates.

Interview Coaching – What You Can Expect Working With Me

  • An initial complimentary 30 minute in-person consultation to discuss your specific interview concerns and determine if working together is a good match
  • Conduct a (mock) interview to evaluate areas of strength and accomplishments and identify areas that need development
  • Provide honest and extensive feedback with compassion so clients feel encouraged and inspired
  • Discuss client’s overall presentation – ability to market yourself in the best light, and areas that need improvement such as:
  1. Non-verbal – posture, facial expressions, handshake, hand movements
  2. Presentation – attire, appropriateness, preparedness, timeliness


  • Sharpen communication & social skills in various contexts (verbal, business emails & texts, networking, elevator pitch/story)
  • Assist with offer negotiation so you feel comfortable representing yourself when discussing salary, benefits, vacation
  • Interview preparation techniques – provide engaging questions to ask during interview

Feel free to contact me about my coaching structure and fees


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