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EXECUTIVE / BUSINESS Coaching Services
The TRY Coaching Process

As your coach, Terry is 100% committed to helping you or your business become powerful and successful, achieving more in any situation — even one that continues to change. Throughout the coaching relationship, she will help you by:

  • Providing support and encouragement
  • Providing insight
  • Offering guidance as you navigate life’s choices
  • Holding you accountable to your commitment

When you work with Terry, you can expect high-impact results through her executive / business coaching process:

  • An initial meeting to discuss the results you want to achieve
  • Coaching sessions conducted either by phone or in person
  • Two to three coaching sessions per month for about six months
  • Thought-provoking assignments between scheduled sessions to advance the process
  • Brief, focused interactions between sessions, as needed

Terry partners with clients – business professional and entrepreneurs – by asking targeted questions and providing guidance and support. Together, a custom and integrated business coaching strategy will be crafted. And long-lasting results will be delivered. When the going gets tough, in life or in business, you and Terry will collaborate and work through to the other side. She will do everything possible through the coaching relationship to help you achieve your business, career or work/life balance goals.

The coaching relationship and the content of discussions is completely confidential. However, feel free to share whatever you choose with others to process and advance your thinking.

By partnering with clients, Terry designs and implements a custom executive coaching program tailored to suit each individual. The unique program consists of two to three 45 to 60 minute coaching sessions per month for about six months. In addition, you are free to call during regular business hours, or send email, between scheduled sessions for additional brief and focused coaching. You may also contact Terry any time via email for further communication and support.

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© 2020 Chrysalis Career Coaching • Powered by GeneratePress

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