How Being Proactive Will Help You Get Hired

Are you one of those people that always makes assumptions?  Rather than know the reality of a situation, do you make a wild guess and base your decision making on that alone?  If you’re one of those people (and I can be too), you may be doing yourself more harm than you know. It can … Read more

My Job Is Great So Why Am I Uninspired?

Does this sound like you?  “I’m well compensated, respected and valued at my job so why do I feel discontented and disconnected?”  This is a recent concern coming from one of my coaching clients.  He’s been working at the same company for 7 years and knows “he has it made”  but feels an inexplicable unrest.  … Read more

The Big No-No At Networking Events

Many of us know how important networking can be particularly if you’re in career transition, job search or want to develop new business relationships.  There are so many ways today we can connect on a professional level with others since social media has become all the rage but networking remains one of the best ways … Read more